An Interactive Prayer Time For Groups That You Can Lead

29 May 2017

This is an easy-to-follow guide for a one hour prayer event for church groups, small groups, youth groups, or even a group of friends.  And you won’t be just sitting in your chairs! Your group will get to move around the room, be a bit creative, and get to learn more about the nation and people your missionary works with.  Most importantly this guide will help you connect with God, and pray specifically and effectively.  If you want to make it a bigger event, team it up with a meal or theme night based on the country your missionary is working in.

Book the room. Invite the group. Be sure to pre-read the guide at least a week before your prayer time, so you can gather the resources you will need. You can do this, so what are you waiting for?

Creative Prayer Guide Praying for your Church Mission Partner

You will need:

Bible, Butchers Paper, Markers, coloured paper/card, Wi-Fi access or previous download, Name of people with whom mission partner works, Map of country, Printer to previously print our prayer cards, Prayer points from mission partner

This is a one-hour creative prayer guide designed to enable your church community to engage in interactive prayer for those you are partnering with on mission. Feel free to adapt it as needed.

Set up four different prayer ‘corners’ or ‘stations’. Each will have a different emphasis as you move around the room as one group.

Jesus – the Only One God

Need: Wi-Fi or worship leader/instrument, butchers paper, markers, Bible

Set the tone by entering into worship through song. Here are some suggestions:
The Revelation Song
How Great is our God (World Edition)

Let’s spend some time recognising that Jesus is the only God, the only way to salvation.

Scripture to pray: John 14:6; Revelation 7:9-12

Set the butchers paper in the corner/on a table with a big JESUS in the centre Draw images/write words or Biblical phrases that comes to mind when you think of Jesus Why bother going/sending? Because… (write/draw it!)

Spend time celebrating who God revealed in Jesus is and what He’s done.

Pray for the Nation

(We’ll use India as an example. Please replace it with the appropriate country.)

Need: Wi-Fi access to Prayercast (or previous access and download), map of country

Scripture to pray – Psalm 67. Pray this psalm as it reads. Pray it for a second time, naming your mission partner’s country at the appropriate places within this psalm.

Go to the Prayercast page. Have a look at the map, read through the country information (right of the map) and the summary (left of the map). Get to know the nation where your church mission partner is living and serving.

Spend some time praying for the prayer points at the top left of this page:

• Pray for the cultural barriers of the caste system and Hinduism to be overcome by the Gospel.
• Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to reach every village and town.
• Pray for justice and hope in a nation plagued by oppression, poverty, and disease.

Watch the Prayercast video (in above link), with images of India and someone praying for this country. Join them in prayer.

Pray for the People

(with whom your mission partner is working)

Need: Name of appropriate people group, Wi-Fi access or previous access and download of information. Printer to previously print out prayer cards.

Some cultures in the world have neither heard nor responded to the Gospel. They have no Christian neighbours who can tell them about Jesus Christ. Sometimes we call these people unreached, or least reached people because they have had no real opportunity to hear about Jesus. They are Gospel-deprived people. This compelling video explains in more detail.

Let’s make this prayer time more focused as we apply it to the specific people with whom your church mission partner is working.

Scripture to pray – Romans 10:1, 9-15

Go to the Joshua Project (we’ll use the Ansari of India as an example) and search for the people group you are focussing on, selecting the specific location where your church mission partner works. Click on the PRAYER CARDS tab and spend some time in prayer.

Which religion do they primarily belong to? (Ansaris are Muslim.) Watch the appropriate Prayercast video (choose from the right hand column) and join in prayer for this religious block.

Pray for the Person

Let’s finish by praying for the particular church mission partner who is serving cross-culturally.

Need: Email them before hand, asking for 2-3 prayer points in each of the following areas: ▪ ministry ▪ people they long to see come to Christ ▪ personal You will also need coloured paper/card and markers.

Spread these prayer points out and spend time lifting this person/family before God.

Scripture to pray – Philippians 1:3-6

Take the coloured paper/card and write the person/family’s name in the centre. Fill it with words of encouragement, affirmation, Scripture, hope. Let them know that you believe in them and are standing with them. Mail it to them within the week!


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