An Environmental Scientist Teaching English Literature

5 Mar 2020

It wasn’t in my plans to become a teacher. Even though I studied Environmental Science, I knew I was called overseas. So, I became a teacher to enter the country where I serve. I quizzed all my teacher friends, read a few articles and off I went! A few months later I was teaching English literature in a remote village in South Asia.

I learned so much about English and teaching during my first year. But I also learned not to underestimate the Lord. It was a difficult job, teaching English literature (including Shakespeare) to students who were struggling with this second language. So many times I questioned myself if I was the right person for the job; I couldn’t help but feel inadequate and uncertain. But God used my gift of storytelling and gave me what I needed to explain Shakespeare to these students and, through that, the gospel.

The play I had to teach was the Merchant of Venice, a story of Christians versus Jews. The students in my class had no point of reference for either of these things so I had to explain from the start. I told them how people sinned, but God had a redemption plan, how He chose a nation from which Jesus came. I told them the Easter story and how Jesus came to make a way for anyone to be a follower of Christ, no matter where they’re from. And I told them that ‘God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him will not die, but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16).

If God could use me, a self-taught teacher to teach Shakespeare and the gospel to 400 students over three years, imagine what He could do with you! 

-A, a Pioneers worker serving in South Asia.

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