All things are possible with Him

19 Mar 2020

Retirement planning has become quite an industry in Australia. For me, Colin, I didn’t take it all that seriously knowing God had placed me in a position where I did not need to worry too much about it. Throughout my career as a teacher, I had often heard of the need for teachers in many parts of the world. As retirement approached, my wife Cathy and I pondered on how retirement would be a good opportunity to use my experience for God’s kingdom. We took the bold step of offering this next season of our lives to the Lord, to serve overseas.

Cathy recognised her skills could be enhanced if she re-trained to teach English as a second language. After connecting with Pioneers, we found an opportunity in mainland Southeast Asia that seemed to match what God had been preparing us for. Now, I teach children from families serving in remote and unreached places, and Cathy teaches medical students English to help them be better health professionals. God has given us different ministries, and we clearly see God’s hand at work for His glory. We continue to learn that we are clay jars and place our weaknesses in his hands (2 Corinthians 4:7). For us, retirement has become an exercise, not in satisfying our own desires, but in looking for ways to serve and promote His Kingdom.

It is true that teachers are needed in so many locations. In the school where I work, we need teachers of English, Maths, and Biology, as well as dormitory parents and an administrator. But there are many opportunities for retirees to use their skills and experience to serve God in missions, not only as teachers. The only requirement is to trust God and place yourself into His hands.

All things are possible with Him (Matthew 19:26).

– Colin, a Pioneers worker serving in Asia.

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