A Young Woman and her Relentless Passion

13 Mar 2019

Why do I feel this way?

I used to think that telling people about Jesus was the coolest thing to do. However, as I grew older, I quickly realised that although people saw the need for it and that it was important, they didn’t feel the urge to share the gospel like I did.

I was ten years old or younger when God put a sense of urgency to evangelise on my heart. Then when I was fifteen or so I was in a Bible study with some friends who were missionary kids. Much to my surprise, they didn’t want to follow in their parents’ footsteps because of the struggles they had experienced as a missionary family. It was hard for me understand their decision as the only thing I wanted to do was to get involved in a cross-cultural ministry, a desire which would only grow as time passed.

Where should I go?

My calling was clear, yet I wasn’t sure about where I would go. After I finished high school, I went to university to study geography. The Geography course included studying a country that was mainly Buddhist and had an unusual desire for happiness. When I read this, the first thing that popped into my head was “happiness is only found in Jesus”, a thought that stuck with me throughout my degree. A couple of years later, I graduated and started to work in an office. I was grateful for my job but, about a year into the role, I realised I wasn’t cut out for sitting in an office all day working on a computer.

What else should I do? 

I needed a change of direction in my life. Fortunately, amidst much confusion and indecision, I remembered my true passion, what I was called to do. Although part of me felt that I was probably too young and inexperienced to go overseas, I decided to go on a trip to the country that for years had been on my heart in order to fulfil my destiny. As I set foot in that beautiful country, I remember thinking “This is exactly where God wants me to be and this is where I need to be”. That trip was a real confirmation of my calling.

What happened next? 

I came back to Australia, quit my job and did my Master’s in Environmental Science hoping it would help me get a job in this country that I loved. However, my Visa was rejected, and I was getting no response from my job applications. It was hard for me to understand that God needed me to learn a few things before I went because I thought I was ready to go.

The following year, I applied for some teaching jobs as it seemed to be the easiest way to get a job in this foreign country. I emailed some high schools and, surprisingly, one school replied straight away and said that they wanted me to come and teach as soon as possible. They didn’t even ask me for my resume or proof of experience, they only wanted to know how long I would stay, how much money I wanted to earn and when I could start.

Amazingly, I have now completed three years of teaching in that high school in the country I first fell in love with in Geography class. There have been many challenges, especially finding my way in such a different culture to Australia, but I have also experienced great joy, and an assurance that I am right where God wants me to be. Every day I have been teaching and mentoring teenagers who have almost no knowledge of Jesus. Although I can’t just share the gospel, I can honestly answer their questions, and they have many!

Single and a missionary

Sometimes it’s pretty hard being away from family and close friends. However, the families of my team have accepted me as one of their own, which has been such a blessing. We need this kind of support as we deal with spiritual oppression which sometimes even feels like a physical weight. There are some places, like temples, where I can barely step in because of how spiritually charged these are, making me sick and uncomfortable. Despite the extent of spiritual darkness and religious persecution in this country, I see how God is always looking after my team and me. He will never give us more than we can handle.

I encourage you to fix your “eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18). When things go wrong, don’t be overwhelmed by all the things you can see. Hold on to Jesus and keep looking to Him.

– A Pioneers worker.

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