6 easy tips for posting a care parcel

2 Feb 2015

How many of us are guilty of good intentions when it comes to packing and posting a care package? It has to be one of the easiest ways to support a cross-cultrual worker. Use this guide to turn your procrastination into reality!

1. Pack something fun

Sure, there could be fun (random) things your recipient has access to on the field—but every now and then it’s special to be gifted with something ‘just because’ from home. Think candles, some pretty stationery, new lipgloss or a book.

2. Pack something edible

You could go super predictable: a tin of Milo, a jar of Vegemite, snake lollies, Tim Tams, a tube of sweetened condensed milk. Or you could find out what (obscure) craving they may have for something that they can’t buy locally, and treat them in that way.

3. Pack something Aussie

Visit your local discount store and stock up on everything for the ultimate ‘Australia Day’ party—temporary flag tattoos, boardies, a wall flag, stickers, disposable cups, hats. The crazier, the better!

4. Pack something practical

While this part of the parcel won’t be a surprise, it will certainly be just as welcomed—find out what would help make their life on the field easier and post it over. Whether it’s an extra phone charger or some reusable Teflon baking liners or a specific brand of makeup wipes, include something that will be useful.

5. Use zip lock bags

Double bag anything that could melt or spill. Those zip lock bags are just as much a gift as the rest of the parcel—they can be washed and reused.

6. Take a photo

Before you seal the box up, snap a picture on your phone so that you have a record of what should be in there when your recipient opens it.


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