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Surrounded by poverty, Aarushi’s parents made a choice – they could no longer afford to send her to school. For Aarushi, leaving school in the tenth grade meant there was little hope for a good future for her and her family. So, when she heard about Restore India’s tailoring course, Aarushi jumped at the opportunity. Over the next year, she discovered a natural talent and blossomed in ways that brought a new joy to life and hope for the future.  Her dream upon completion of this course is to hold an exhibition of her own clothing designs. Aarushi is one story of how the lives are being restored.

Restore India works in states across the north of India, amongst urban and rural poor communities. They currently work in seven cities, with the following types of projects:

  • Goat projects – herds for income generation and goat giving
  • Sewing classes and self-help-groups
  • Medical clinics, health education and nutritional supplement projects
  • Education projects in primary schools
  • Literacy centres
  • Vocational training classes

Each of these projects represents an opportunity to impact lives and bring hope, assisting families to overcome poverty.

One of the newer projects is called ‘Impacting Youth’. By world standards India has a large youth population and Restore India seek to invest in the next generation through their youth programs. They run conferences for youth, equipping them with the skills and good character so that they are better able to handle the challenges of a busy, modern life.  At the same time, the team use the Youth programs to mentor capable young leaders.