This is a Tax Deductible OARF project

Impact College seeks to provide schools with their most valuable resource: high quality teachers who are empowered to transform the schools and communities in which they serve. We recruit individuals from the rural poor to serve among the rural poor, training and equipping them to become effective teachers and leaders in their communities.

The Impact College is a hostel, as well as a training and support structure for the trainee teachers, assisting them to attend the local university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in teaching. To supplement their bachelor studies, we provide a comprehensive program outside of university hours to equip students in the areas of teaching, leadership and life skills. This includes classes such as English, creative problem solving, financial management, computer skills, communication, and character maturity.

The benefit of this program is that rural children will receive quality education, from skilled and nurturing teachers, regardless of where they live or their socio-economic status.

Impact College recruits, trains and sends teachers to different schools across the country, seeking to help those children who are at high risk of not receiving an education at all, or a very poor education at best. Our commitment is to not only send out our trained teachers to remote areas, but to continue to provide them with care and support as they start their teaching careers.