This is a Tax Deductible OARF project

Diospi Suyana comprises a first world hospital, school, kids club and media centre. It is located in Curahuasi 2.65km above sea level in the Andes Mountains of Perú.  Why Curahuasi?  Because this place is central to the poorhouse of Peru where some 750,000 marginalised indigenous Quechua people live (the direct descendants of the ancient Inca people).  Over 80% of these people live in abject poverty where their social hardship is reflected by a high rate of infant mortality, malnutrition and reduced life expectancy.  Alcoholism is also a big problem leading to breakdown at the family level.

Important to note is that some 30% are illiterate, meaning the best way to communicate to them en masse is with FM radio broadcasts in their local tongue.

So Diospi Suyana are building a modern TV and radio broadcast network to primarily serve the Quechua Indians with education, health, wellbeing and a Christian message to give these people a hope and a future.  They listen whilst at work which is typically 7 days a week.  These are long hard days for those toiling on the communal farms and which brings little revenue – typically a few dollars a day.

Currently Diospi Suyana has licenses to reach over 600,000 people 24 x 7 with the message of hope that they desperately need.  Many more licenses are envisaged.

In March 2017 Quechua-pastor Antonio Pacheco and his wife Ignasia visited Diospi Suyana.  They told us that they had been praying for years for a Christian radio station which broadcasts an encouraging message.  At times they feel lonely, forgotten and forsaken in their village.  Diospi Suyana’s radio programme, which also broadcasts its songs and talks in the Quechua language, was a real answer to prayer and a lovely surprise.

They listen to us with their battery powered transistor radios.

You can find out more on our project via our blog.