My kids’ education is a concern

17 Jul 2019

Reasons not to go No.3

It may seem crazy, making no sense at all. It may be called going against the grain. It may be described as doing the opposite to most people, but the choice to move overseas and school our children who range in ages from seven to eighteen, is the choice that we have made.

This choice to move our children from places that they are thriving in, is no easy matter, especially when what we are taking them to, is an unknown quantity. You see, we have six children. Six beautiful resilient children. Two of them have additional needs and some are dyslexic too. We had them in learning environments in Melbourne where they were receiving the help that they needed and so it would seem quite crazy and irresponsible as parents to some, to uproot the kids and join a mission organisation.  But we did anyway.

Our family have a motto, ‘But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.’ (Joshua 24:15). As we investigated our options for our children and shared with them what God had placed on our hearts, they too decided that this new adventure in saying, “yes”, to God was for them too.  To be honest it’s a hard road for teens to experience a move to another country. Our options for schooling them were limited and some options were very expensive.

But here we are today, two and a half years later at the end of Term 2 and the kids are doing well generally. We knew when we joined Pioneers that it would a tough journey with our teens and younger ones, finding the right place for them to be schooled and to thrive. At times it has been heartbreaking and so tough.  We tried a few options to school them… without much success. Now they are all schooled at home. It’s hard work and intense, tiring, heartbreaking, encouraging, exhilarating all in one, but oh what a privilege!

My children see and experience so many ups and downs which has built in them resilience and tenacity. Somehow over the years in our choices to live in other countries, we have built into our children (and us too) that what seems – impossible, a concern, crazy, ‘going against the grain’ is exactly what God has planned for us and that makes it possible. We acknowledged the huge mountain ahead of us (our children’s needs and education) when we considered this ministry opportunity, but we moved one foot in front of the other, believing that God would unfold His plan for ministry and more importantly the work that He has planned in each of my children’s hearts. Concern yes, always…  but let’s hang onto this verse ‘You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,  because they trust in you.’ (Isaiah 26:3).

-The Jenyns, Pioneers workers serving in Fiji.

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