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26 Nov 2020

What will it take to reach the nations?
The mother of one of the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians beheaded by terrorists in Libya in February 2015 was asked: “what would you do if you met the man who beheaded your son?” Witnesses at the site of that massacre spoke about the river turning red with blood when the severed heads of these men were thrown in. The mother answered: “I would take him to my home and make him a meal”. 

This is what the gospel can do. Love your enemies. Be kind to those who act unjustly toward you, reject you, malign you. Love your neighbour. “When they beheaded my son, they hastened his transition to glory.” Wow. 

What will it take to reach the nations? Becoming true neighbours. Living in community and sharing the gospel. Turning the other cheek and repaying evil with good. “I would take him home and feed him”.

What will it take to reach the nations during a global pandemic?
Resolute belief that God is in control of global events. Absolute confidence in the power of the gospel. Courageous faith coupled with prayer, church backing and a commitment to team. A willingness to take calculated risks with the Bible as your platform. 

An observable fact of history, both past and contemporary, is that the degree to which the church is committed to world evangelisation is commensurate with the degree to which the church is convinced about the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible. Whenever Christians lose their confidence in the Bible, they lose their zeal for evangelism and mission. Foundational to an understanding of biblical mission, then, is a conviction that God is a missionary God, Jesus is his missionary Son, the Bible is a missionary book and the church is comprised of his missionary people, coupled with confidence in the accuracy and authority of the Bible.

COVID and Mission
Want to make a lasting difference in the world? So do we. Want to share the love of God in Christ Jesus with people yet to hear? So do we. Can’t shrug a sense that God is calling you to mission? We get it. Sure, COVID has thrown a spanner in the works! But God is greater than any virus. He is winning the nations. He is blessing unreached peoples through people just like you. 

We are here to help
Our team is at work. We can meet with you and your church. We provide mission mentoring, pre-field training, member care, financial expertise and team connections.  The Pioneers Team

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God 
that brings salvation to everyone who believes

(Romans 1:16)

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