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Streams of Living Water: Girls’ Orphanage

A cruel civil war raged across Sudan for over 21 years, devastating the country.  Families suffered separation, children lost their parents, and lack of resources left many in need of basic care.  Worse still, family violence often fueled by alcohol has led to child abuse and even abandonment, leaving children vulnerable and in extreme poverty.  Young and old alike often repeatedly rape many young girls, while others are exploited and live as prostitutes.  But it is Christ Jesus who offers love, hope and new life, and we are constrained by His love to rescue girls from the streets of Juba, South Sudan.

The SLW Girls’ Orphanage located in Juba opened in April 2011, taking in 7 little girls ages 6 and 7.  Today there are 28 girls at the orphanage displaced by war and unrest, who now receive holistic care including education.  We are always preparing to receive more.

Our vision is to provide a safe haven for the girls where they can become emotionally stabilized, well-behaved and become responsible young women who can care for themselves and their families. And also make a positive contribution to the development of their new nation, South Sudan.

We are always upgrading the facilities and services at the orphanage to provide a secure and healthy environment.

Each week approximately 250 children from the community join our girls in the auditorium for a Community Childrens Club where they participate in  joyful singing  and life lesson stories.


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