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PNG Earthquake Relief


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Update - 7 March

It is reported that another tremor early (12:13 am) this morning caused a landslide near Komo that killed 18 people.  We do not have an accurate account as to how many have now died.
We have had a good look at three ECPNG areas.
At Tari HQ all the ECPNG buildings, apart from two recent residences, have been damaged and possibly one only can be repaired. All were permanent material buildings and in most cases they are sitting on the ground. There does not seem to be any way that they could be lifted and restumped economically
The main office, guest  house and print press buildings are a mess with internal structural failure and equipment and contents spread everywhere.  All the residences are on the ground as well. There are a total of about 15 buildings destroyed.
Across the road another three residences, bible school classrooms and a literacy room have been destroyed. The church and auditorium are ok as are pastors houses and bible school dormitories.
At the former children's hostel the lower hostel’s foundations are unsafe and the building has moved.

We looked at Walete today and apart from some minor issues all the buildings appear to be in reasonable to good order. We have not been able to visit Dauli Teacher’s College.
The available ECPNG leadership gathered this morning here at Tari and they decided that:
Immediately they will:
Relocate all women and children to their home or other safe areas.
Fence and secure the property.
Clear as much as possible of the debris in the office and print press and store all necessary documents and records in a safe place. They are seeking to obtain one or shipping containers o achieve this.
Identify safe locations where necessary staff can live for the time being.
Safely dispose of all damaged or unrequired material.
In the long term they will:
Relocate the education and medical services away from HQ.
Decide on the type and size of HQ office they will need.
Purchase and erect  a number of “kit homes” that can be purchased in PNG.
Remove all the damaged buildings and dispose of the materials in an appropriate way.
They do not see a need for assistance from overseas in the short term but feel that assistance from work parties to put up office buildings and kit homes will be invaluable.
Needless to say the people are devastated by the loss but they seem to be working through the issues quite well.
Pray for the President and leaders of the ECPNG at this time.
The church will be very appreciative of any financial assistance that people give to assist in the recovery costs. Their resources are very limited.


Report from Tari - 1 March

Early on Monday morning PNG experienced a 7.6 magnitude earthquake located south of Tari. It was the strongest earthquake since 1922. Communication has been cut for a few days and some airstrips have been.

The areas around Komo, Tari and Mendi seem to have been the most affected. It appears that at least 35 and probably more have died and hundreds are reported to have been injured.

There has been major infrastructure damage at the United Church, the Government station and the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea (ECPNG) at Tari. Every building at Tari HQ has been severely damaged or destroyed. Across the road at Haro station all but a couple of buildings have had a similar fate — a total of over 30 permanent buildings. Some buildings at Walumali (the Hostel) and Dauli Teachers College have also suffered. The CBC (Brethren) churches at Koroba and Kelabo have also suffered losses of life and infrastructure. Other more isolated areas have been impacted too. Help may have not reached them as yet.

A team from Pioneers expect to be arriving in Port Moresby by Saturday. They are hoping and praying that they will be able to connect through to Tari a day or two later. They plan to be available to assist the ECPNG during this time of sorrow and encourage our brothers and sisters as they plan for the future.

Pioneers is commencing a tax deductible rehabilitation fund to assist our ECPNG brothers and sisters. If you would like to donate use this link and in the field ‘my donation is for’ please use ‘PNG relief’.

For your prayers:
Thank God with us that there was not a greater loss of life. Pray for those who have been bereaved that they will sense God’s presence and love.

Pray for those ministering to the injured, for commitment and compassion.

Pray for the PNG Government as it seeks to deal with the disaster.

Pray that God will guide Rev Hengebe Himugu, the ECPNG President that he and the ECPNG leaders will have much wisdom and discernment about the way forward and how to deal with the losses.

Pray for protection from looting as there is much that could be stolen. Pray for those reaching out to those in isolated areas.

Pray that the Christians will be strong in the Lord and be a blessing to others. Pray for others to turn to the Lord at this time.

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