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Medical Project

In Cambodia, the standard of education generally—and of medical training in particular—is variable. In addition, deficiencies in the health system mean that poor Cambodians often cannot obtain medical care when they need it. This project seeks to help the poor access quality medical care and to assist and train Khmer doctors and medical students.

The Mercy Medical Center is located on the outskirts of the capital city Phnom Penh. It serves the poor directly through outpatient and inpatient services, including x-ray, lab, pharmacy and surgical services. Patients often present late in their illness and with multiple conditions. They and their families receive education on health issues and disease prevention as well as appropriate medical care. Decisions on investigations and treatment choices are often difficult as resources are limited. By working together caring for patients and through formal teaching, we are training our Khmer staff to take care of patients, while using resources wisely, paying attention to details and treating all with respect and dignity. 

The Family Medicine Training Course offers a formal curriculum to extend and improve on basic medical training. In particular, we emphasise clinical skills and the clinical method, a sense of responsibility to patients, and the need for life-long learning. We meet weekly for class and provide electronic and printed study resources. We are also in touch with many other students and doctors by email. We want to provide relevant information in forms that help them learn and encourage them to aim for excellence in caring for their patients. 

University scholarships help young people from poor families to study healthcare courses. Small loans make it possible for healthcare students to have their own computers, and access email and the many excellent resources available online.    

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