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The ACROSS Radio project is currently targeting nomadic cattle keepers in South Sudan with social education teaching, especially that focused on peace building. This follows major tribal clashes related to cattle rustling, child abduction, and associated killings of more than a thousand people including innocent women and children. Though many districts have been impacted, Jonglei State is the main area affected (see coloured areas in map).

Currently with help from two donors, Pioneers OARF and Danish Church Aid, this project is producing audio messages for radio while supplying these on solar-powered digital audio players (DAPs). 

OARF assisted with purchase of 100 DAPs, loading 50 educational messages on each in the Dinka language. The target is peace building, hygiene, improving family relations including care of children and the elderly, as well as other social issues. Also included were other messages, especially 40 Dinka songs recorded by Dinka youth with Across help in February 2012. These songs were selected because of their peace building focus.

For more information about this project see
the ACROSS website.

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