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The skaters hungry for God's Word

Recently I thought to myself, “I know these guys are seeking and all, but are they really THAT ready to come over and read the Bible together?” I doubted they would be ready yet, so I prayed, ‘Lord, if these guys are really ready, then let them come to me and ask me to read the Bible in my home.’
Well… the very next day I was at the skate park and a skater named Ko* came up to me to read the Bible verses I had painted on my helmet. He was surprised as he read, ‘Jesus answered, “I’m the way, the truth and the life.”’ Shortly afterwards he asked me, “Did Jesus really say that? Where does it say that?” I quickly replied, “It’s in the Bible!” to which he remarked, “The Bible! I don’t know how to read that, could you teach me? Maybe I will come over to your house on a Sunday and we can read it together?”

I was in complete shock. I told him he was more than welcome. He then went off and invited other skaters to come join him. They were also just as interested! 

Because of this, I had to go downtown to buy Bibles for the guys, and just before I left home I get a random phone call from an Aussie who was visiting this country and wanted to meet with me to hear about the skate ministry. He eventually bought me a box full of Bibles! What an amazing provision! 
Sunday at 12pm. That’s the time they planned to come over to read the Bible with me. I was expecting three guys, but to my surprise, seven people showed up. All Buddhist. All have never seen a Bible in real life, let alone read one.
I handed them all a Bible and they were so amazed to hold one in their hands. They asked me if we were allowed to write in Bibles, to which I replied yes, and they went ahead and wrote their names in the Bibles they just received. I went to explain that this was the most important book in the world because it talks about how the earth was created (Buddhism does not have a creation story), how humans were created, and how humans can be saved and ultimately, it is God's Word. After quickly explaining the numbering system of chapters and verses we opened up at Genesis 1. I hope to go through Creation to Christ with them all. I kept pinching myself, thinking, “Are these guys for real? They’re Buddhists! They never show interest in the teachings of Christianity! What?!”
They all read Genesis 1 aloud together (which is normal in their culture) and when they finished their faces were filled with awe after reading what God had done. 
I asked them, what does this say about God? They replied with various things such as, “He created EVERYTHING! He is STRONG! He only used words and He created the whole universe! He made so much variety in animals and plants! We can trust Him! Nothing is impossible for HIM.”
I then remembered the idea of a ‘God’ is quite foreign to Buddhists. I asked what other names God has and they yelled out things like, “The Living God! The eternal God! Jesus-God! The Creator God! The Highest God!” Then Aung* yells, “The BEST God.” How sweet to hear such things from the lips of those seeking Him!
I then asked, “Well, how should we respond?” They said, “We need to read this Bible more to know more about God, we need to pray to Him, we need to thank Him every time we see His created world, we need to worship Him!”
We finished with a quick prayer. And I could see the joy beaming out of these people to discover this truth for the first time after years of wondering how the earth was made and who made it.
At this time there was a knock on the door, and in comes Ko* (he had been stuck in traffic). The other skaters mentioned that we ought to read Genesis again so he could also know the truth. They quickly opened back up to Genesis 1 and began to read aloud again. Once they finished I started to share once again, “This is the Bible, the most important book in the world, because...”
Halfway through my sentence, Aung* stops me and says, “You take a seat over there. I’m going to teach him about Genesis, because I know the truth now!”
I sat back in a mixture of shock and amazement to see this Buddhist guy who read the Bible for the first time in his life only 20 minutes earlier get up and start teaching it to his fellow Buddhist. He told how this was the most important book in the world and asked him what it taught us about God, about man, and how we should respond. 

Afterwards we all prayed—Aung* led the time of prayer, and soon they asked me what we would read next week. I told them we would read how humans were created. One of the skaters questioned, “You mean, Adam and Eve? I’ve only heard their names, and I’ve always wanted to know about them. Can we read about them in the Bible?” They were so happy to see it was in the very next chapter!

Ko* said to me afterwards, “I’m so happy today, I’m happy because I believe in God, I believe he created this world, so I’m so happy to know this truth. I've only read a little bit about God, but I believe in Him.”
Yet another skater in the group came up to me and asked, “How much longer will you live here with us?” I replied, “I plan to stay indefinitely!” He joyfully said, “Wow! That means we can read the whole Bible together! Today was chapter 1, I want to read every single chapter of this Bible together with you! Thank you for staying with us and giving us this chance!”
With that, thank you to you—those of you who, through your prayers and your giving, help me to stay here long-term and to continue to share the gospel with these hungry skaters!
This is practically unheard of in this country. Most Buddhists wouldn’t dare go to a church, let alone respond so joyfully to the message! I’m still in shock after seeing His Word work so powerfully in their lives. We will continue to meet in my home every Sunday. After three years of very literal blood, sweat and tears (especially blood), I believe we are at a tipping point with these guys.
Please continue to pray:
> That these guys will continue to come over every Sunday to read the Word of God.
> For understanding for them as they’ve never read the Bible before and I can imagine it would be difficult to take it all in.
> Continual language growth for me as they don’t speak any English. 
> For these guys to be saved and to grow as disciples of Christ.
> For my health, as it’s still rainy season and flus and stomach bugs are going around. Pray I can be well enough to help guide these weekly Bible studies!
> Knowledge and wisdom for how to best share the upcoming Bible verses in the coming weeks and months.

All glory to God!
D, serving in Southeast Asia
*Names changed
Images by CommNet Media

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