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Taking Every Opportunity

Sharing God's love in South Asia

Cashews, cocoa beans, fish and seaweed are all products that are exported from our beautiful little island.  We are living in a town of  roughly 100,000 people.  In our town there is a thirst for knowledge so teaching English to the local doctors and nurses is an excellent way to serve our community, helping them grow and move forward.

We also serve by sharing our faith. One day I stopped to buy some bananas and got chatting with the seller.  He was talking about how scared he was about the spirits in the big tree right near his banana stall. I was able to share with him how, because of Jesus, I don’t need to fear. I asked if he would like to read more about this. He said yes so I was able to give him a Bible. Since many people are fearful and are scared by spirits and ghosts, we are often able to share the confidence we have through Christ. It is our prayer that, the people will thirst for spiritual change.

Belinda, a Pioneers worker in South Asia

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