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She Kept Her Second Baby – A Girl

The difference that Jesus makes

Living for Jesus can be tough in East Asia, but the sweetest joy happened the other day.
A beautiful little girl walked through the office and when she looked at me she gave me a big smile. Now, just that would cheer me up, but it is even more significant in that she is a flesh and bone product of what I do.
Three years ago, when her mother found out she was pregnant with her, she was badgered by everyone in her family that she should abort this baby. She had come from a horrible background, where after her father died when she was 13 she went to live with her cousin. The boyfriend of her cousin raped her and put her to work in a brothel. While there, instead of shutting down, she fought back as the anger in her overwhelmed her, but this only resulted in her being beaten. While in the brothels she had three abortions, two of them were forced and one was in her seventh month. 

When she came to us she had so much anger that she lashed out at our staff. Her mother would come to the shelter and scream at her to go back to the brothel where she could earn more money to support her.
Eventually, things in her started to change. She started to accept the love that our staff gave her. She started dating a guy and when she fell pregnant they got married. Her first child, a boy, was considered a great blessing to the family. But when she fell pregnant a second time, everyone in her family, including her husband, put pressure on her to abort the baby. To have a second child meant a fine and they already had a boy so “Who would want anything more?” But this woman stuck to her guns. Against every pressure (family pressure we in the West can barely even begin to understand), she stated that she would keep this baby. Although her past could make her believe that an individual life has no value, she believed that God valued and loved this little life she was carrying. We helped her as well as to help figure out how to pay the fine for the ‘extra’ child and arranged a family grant for her to help with her added costs. We worked with her to make her schedule flexible so she could do what she needed to do as a mother.
And now, I see this little girl, loved by her mother, and going to her with no fear or hesitation because she knows she is loved. I see in her smile a happy, loved child.
I would love to say this woman is happy and completely free from pressures and pain now, but unfortunately, there are never ‘easy’ answers, or nice Hollywood endings. Her story is ongoing but I see her daily making better and better choices for her and her family.

She has come to know Christ deeply and so much of her past anger has changed to forgiveness. She is now a leader amongst the other women.
One thing I do know is that her little girl is loved and that this woman does and is growing in the resources to raise this little girl up with an understanding that she is loved and worthwhile.

Photos courtesy of Worldwide Images

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