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Sharing with Women

in Mid Asia

This article appeared in our magazine, Xpress, in April 2011


The sweet sound of laughter coming from my lounge warmed my heart. Our neighbours had come over for a Christmas party! We told them about Jesus’s birth, how he is God’s precious gift to us and that is why we give gifts at Christmas, in remembrance of what he gave us. As we explained that Christmas would not exist without God’s gift to us in Jesus, every scarf-covered head nodded in agreement. Here in Central Asia they have seen Christmas on television - brightly wrapped presents under beautiful trees - and agreed it doesn’t have much meaning if we do not remember the ultimate gift!

When asked if they liked to receive gifts, they all heartily agreed. We played Pass the Parcel amid much laughter. It was a delight to watch each woman and child pass the package on, giggling like children when it was in their hand when the music stopped and ripping off the wrapping in anticipation of what was inside. These women and children are a huge part of my life. I visit their homes throughout the week, sharing in their daily lives and, like we did at Christmas, make the most of an opportunity to share the precious gift of Jesus.

 - A pioneers worker in Mid Asia

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