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No Holds Barred

God's Love Permeates Prison Cells

She’s in her early 20s and has the sweetest smile and laugh. She’s kind to others, does what she can to help out. And she’s in prison, serving a 20-year-sentence.

Her preschool-aged son has grown up behind bars, and will be of marrying age by the time his mother is released.

She knows that this is the way her life is, and takes it all in her stride, but it makes me sad to know that. She adores her son.

She’s made friends while in prison, but a number of her good friends have been released, which leaves her alone in there again. I watched her once as her closest friend was leaving. She laughed with her, was excited with her, but the grief set in after her friend left.

About six months ago her mother died. She was devastated. Her mother had come pretty regularly on visiting days to see her, and she would talk to her on the phone. They were close. She also has a little sister, who was less than a year old and not even crawling yet when her mother died. So her sister has come to live with her in the prison, as there wasn’t anyone else willing or able to take her in. She takes such good care of her, she loves her, plays with her, cheered her on as she was learning to walk, just as she did for her son.

She comes to our literacy classes and is always ready to be involved – she’s so motivated. I love seeing her face light up and hearing the little giggle that bubbles out of her when she reads a new sentence or is able to help someone else.

A few months ago she opened up to me, sharing about her crime. Would you please pray for this young woman? Ask that our Father would help her find forgiveness in Him – that she would find Him where she is, that she would know that He is always with her and loves her, and that she would be able to pass that on to her son, sister and others in the prison.

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