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Nepal: the recovery

To all those who have been praying and giving,

Thank you so much for your continued prayerful support for us and Nepal’s recovery from the earthquakes. While Nepal news items are disappearing from the headlines, the horror and devastation of the earthquakes is not going away any time soon. We’ve now passed a month since the original quake, and according to the USGS, in that time we have experienced 194 earthquakes of greater than 4.0 magnitude, with six of those being greater than 6.0 magnitude.  And the USGS isn’t even registering all the quakes that we and our alarm are aware of!
When we last wrote, we were praising God for the opportunity to helicopter supplies into some remote communities near the Tibet border, but we were anxious for six United Vision Nepal (UVN) staff members stranded there following a large aftershock. Thanks for your prayers for them—they were all safely retrieved a couple of days later. While there, they not only delivered tarps and food, but they spent time with the people, hearing their stories, providing basic medical care, and surveying the needs of the communities. 

Recovery in Nepal
Recovery in Nepal

Recovery in Nepal

Since then, we have been busy with the UVN team—planning follow-up for these communities, and delivering relief supplies to others with whom UVN has relationship (thankfully these are accessible by road, with some navigation of landslides required!). Just today, they had a couple more helicopter trips taking in household kits (food, solar panels, cooking pots, plates, cups, and mobile phone recharge cards) and evacuating three people from neighbouring villages needing urgent medical care. 
Our family is doing better, but the continuing nagging fears and the extra-long work days are taking their toll on all of us. Honestly, we are exhausted! The needs around us are so gigantic, it’s hard to ever switch off. And while the aftershocks are decreasing in frequency, they are still happening enough to make us jump (or pull us out of bed in the middle of the night). We don’t really remember what it’s like to fully relax!

Pioneers has urged us to take an out-of-country holiday soon to allow ourselves some recovery, so we are looking forward to taking a break after the children finish school in a few weeks. But in the meantime, we'd appreciate prayer:
> For God’s sustaining strength and grace for each day.
> For our marriage and parenting in this season of stress and trauma recovery.
> For our work with UVN—for great wisdom and strategic planning as we seek to help both in meeting immediate needs of food and shelter, and as we assist in the longer term rebuilding of the communities. 
> That help will get to those who desperately need it. 
> That the light of God’s love will shine in the darkness! 
In His service,
D & C

Click here if you would like to make a donation to the ongoing recovery effort.

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