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Mighty to save

[Head here first if you missed the background to this story]

Rejoice with me because GOD IS MIGHTY TO SAVE! After more than three years of living and serving here, I've seen seven local people turn away from idols and towards the Living God! He is good!
Last week I got one of the most random phone calls of my life: "It's me, Yupar*, I heard that God can save people from their sin, is that true? I also heard that when Christians die they aren't really sad at the end of day because they live together with God forever, is that true? Can you come teach me how I can be saved?"
Yupar* is going out with one of the guys who comes along to our Sunday meetings, but she herself doesn't come along. She wanted to find out about how to be saved so she asked everyone she knew, but they didn't have an answer. She even asked the two other Christians she works with, and they said they didn't know how to explain it. Lastly, she asked her boyfriend, and he said to call me.
Of course I agreed! I called some local believers to join me as we rushed off to meet her. We sat down, and I got to explain the gospel as clearly as I could while she listened intently. She said she wanted to give her life to the Lord, but needed to go home and count the cost, as her family is still Buddhist and there can be serious consequences for becoming a Christian here.
The next day I called her again, and she said she wanted to meet up a second time to talk about the gospel. I gathered some local believers once again as we met up with her and re-told the gospel—just to be sure she understood it fully. She told me she wanted to give her life to the Lord and follow Jesus. We prayed right there for her to receive salvation. Afterwards she said she felt a peace and freedom that she has never experienced in her life!

A few days later she told me she wanted to be baptised! Her boyfriend also wanted to be baptised. His name is Bo*, and he has attended church his whole life but has never believed. He told me that he trusted in the Lord for the first time in his life after coming to our Sunday meetings, and he wanted to be baptised as well.
We bought a small blow-up pool and filled it up, and surely enough, they came over ready to be baptised. We also invited the other Buddhist skaters over to witness the baptism and hear Yupar* and Bo's* testimony. The skaters clapped and cheered as both were baptised in my small apartment. They were both beaming with joy!

And meanwhile the Sunday meetings have grown like crazy! We have more than tripled in size! Some weeks we have 18-19 Buddhists come over to study the Word of God. At Christmas we revealed that the Saviour is Jesus, and it blew their minds as they made all the connections from the stories we read throughout the Old Testament. 
This past Saturday we learnt about the ressurrection of Jesus and on Sunday we learnt how to enter the kingdom of God. Rejoice with me! Five people came to the study and all five of them accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour! Three guys and two girls—all from unreached people groups.They all have said they will be baptised!


D, serving in Southeast Asia

*Names changed

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