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South East Asia

What and Why...

Out of 46 unreached people groups in our area, 22 have no one to share Jesus’ love with them.  These numbers motivate us to work as the area leaders for East Islands of SE Asia, supporting and helping current teams who are seeking to serve unreached peoples and also actively seeking new workers.
How might we reach these people? To answer this question I travel and survey people groups. Every time I do, my heart breaks as I feel the lostness of these people. On my knees, I pray that God will raise up workers for seeking souls. 
On my most recent trip, I visited some islands notorious for religious violence, where thousands of Christians and Muslims died not too long ago. I was blown away at the radical divide between the Christians and Muslims. Our driver stated, “This is where the Muslims live”. Five minutes later he pointed out, “This is where the Christians live.” There is no mixing. No overlap. No rubbing of shoulders. I asked the driver to take me to a town where one of the more isolated people groups live, but he would not because he was scared, worrying about risk to life if he took us there.
Elsewhere, we saw the graves of those who had died during religious riots and we were saddened. Here, fear is perpetuated. Yet as we walked through a Muslim village I was struck by the openness and friendliness of the people who lived there. Many people wanted us to stay and chat, open to spiritual things. How my heart ached because so many lost people live in this city with little chance to hear the gospel.  
I am praying and working as hard as I can to raise up a new team that will serve here. I am praying that God will raise up people who will pour Jesus’ love and help the few Christians of this city to also love a people they now consider their enemies.

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