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What and Why... by James

I have the privilege of serving Jesus with the Pioneers Isaan Team. Isaan is the northeastern region of Thailand with a population of approximately 22 million people. Can you imagine the population of Australia living in a land the size of Victoria? That’s Isaan.

Kingdom.jpgI live here because God has blessed me with a heart to share and invest Jesus among children of his world. What can be a more sure foundation in the primary years of life than to grow up knowing the precious love of Jesus? I serve in Isaan because so many adults and children live without Jesus, and without that sure foundation. I pray that God would raise up children of Isaan to joyfully worship Jesus with all their being; to be faithful witnesses of Jesus to their villages and families; and to become faithful leaders of God’s Church. I pray through qualitative ministry to their children, parents and elders will be blessed and won to Christ.

Like the vast majority of Thai people, non-believing Isaan persons hold to a fusion of Buddhism and Animism, both fabrics of Thai culture. Through these religions, people learn to live in fear. Fear in respect of Buddhist monks and their teachings and traditions. And also fear of evil spirits and their influence over their lives. They live not knowing and trusting that Jesus is Lord over all these things.

Only 0.16% of Isaan people call themselves Christian, and churches are sparse, small and located mainly in the larger urban centres. Some rural villages and districts have no known Christians in them, and for the Christians who do live in rural settings there is generally no church or ministry for encouragement, discipleship and outreach.
Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). I pray that children of Isaan will hear about Jesus, and come to know, love and follow him.
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