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“I want to learn about Jesus”

When God flings a door of opportunity wide open

Occasionally we hear about a chain of events so surprising, so completely unexpected that we instantly know it has to be God at work.
Brenton* and Audrey* live in multicultural Sydney, home to more than 200 different ethnic groups. The couple see Ryan* and Sharon* and their nine-month-old baby several times a day. They are a family from South Asia who live in the apartment building next door, and their kitchen windows face each other.

Apartment buildings
Brenton and Audrey have often waved to them as they cook, hoping to meet them. A few weeks ago the Lord enabled the couple to visit Ryan and Sharon in their home, and begin a friendship with them. They talked about many things, including the fact that Brenton and Audrey love and follow Jesus.
Recently Audrey went across to visit Sharon and the baby. During their time together, Sharon’s expression turned serious. "I want to learn about Jesus," she said. "Can you teach me about Him?"

I want to learn about Jesus
We rejoice at this opportunity God has provided! Praise Him! Brenton and Audrey have been praying earnestly, and asking others to pray, that the Lord would open the door for them to share the good news with this family. God has already answered this prayer, with Sharon expressing to Audrey a few days ago that she'd like it if they could all meet together once a week to spend time together and talk about Jesus.
Please pray with us that the door would remain open, and that this family will turn and believe in Jesus. The enemy would love to snatch away this opportunity, so we really value your prayers!
*not their real names

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