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A Closed Nation

He is Come

Music_Festival2.jpgThis nation has been closed for many, many years, but in recent days, a change is happening. On a recent trip to the country where I desire to serve long-term, an incredible event took place!

It was a Gospel Music Festival and there were thousands (some say 10,000) people there. Performers and a guest speaker from another Asian nation were up on stage.

At the end of the night I stood on my chair in amazement as people ran to the front and knelt to give their lives to Jesus. Then they were shuttled off in buses to be baptised that very hour! Is this the beginning of a move of God in this nation like never before?

Could you pray that these babes in Christ are discipled well and planted in churches so that their new faith is founded and grounded in Jesus? God is at work in this nation!
- by a future worker

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