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Games and Posters and the Gospel

Planting God's Word in the next generation

In the heart of South America there is a deep need for God’s truth, and not just because generations of Bolivians have suffered under a mix of fear-based superstitions and syncretistic traditions. It’s also because kids just need to know Jesus.
In a country where good Christian resources for children are as rare as a juicy Argentinian steak there is a group of Pioneers making a difference.
Siembra Ministry is the new name in South American Sunday school resources. Formerly known by the Quechua term tarpuy, meaning ‘to plant’, there was a need to make a change to the more universal Spanish equivalent siembra. The name sums up the purpose. The ministry’s goal is to plant God’s Word in the next generation of Bolivian children. Simple.
Siembra is launching the third edition of its comprehensive 42-lesson curriculum for six to eight-year-olds. Previous editions of the curriculum have spread all over the country. From Beni in the hot Amazonian north, along the Andes mountains to Tarija in the south, the course has impacted the lives of hundreds of Bolivian children, many of them in remote communities where the need is greatest.

South America
The founders of the curriculum, Oscar and Eizabeth, explain why they were compelled to create this new and vital ministry. “After training Sunday school teachers in a remote area,” Oscar says, “I realised that there was no curriculum that they could utilise in their context. As a result, the vision was born to create one with those characteristics.”
Not only does Siembra provide the curriculum and supporting materials, but they also have a team spanning the country training teachers to be effective in using the curriculum. This is a vital step in ensuring that the lessons are taught in the most effective way.
After years of developing and seeing the curriculum implemented in churches across Bolivia an exciting new prospect looms: public schools. “There are few places in Bolivia in need of the gospel more than its schools,” exclaims Oscar. “Bleak and often over-crowded, public schools in Bolivia are in dire need of some good news.”
Unfortunately Siembra is unable to take their 42-lesson course into government-run schools, but they have sought creative ways to make a difference. They have developed a series of colourful posters adorned with vibrant animals and memory verses, and a set of playing cards to help kids familiarise themselves with 26 key Bible verses. The posters are designed to decorate and brighten classroom walls while conveying important truths about God. The cards are to be handed to all students along with instructions for a variety of games that kids can play. Treasured by children as a collectors’ item, these cards are a great way for kids to have fun while familiarising themselves with Scripture.

Elizabeth reminds us of the reality of the situation: “Statistically, around 80 per cent of Bolivians come to Christ as children. The importance of planting the gospel in the hearts of the new generation is paramount.” 

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