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Empowering and Reproducing

In SE Asia

During one of my weekly meetings with one of our team leaders, we discussed how some of the new first generation Hindu-background Jesus-followers on her team were going. 

Hadfield2.jpg“Oh, they’re making a book,” she said casually.
“Making a book? What sort of book?” I replied, a little surprised.
“Oh a book of stories from the Bible; from Creation to Pentecost,” she said.
“Wow, so like chronological Bible stories?”
“Yep, in Balinese.”
“Yeah they have drawn contextual pictures to go with the stories as well.”
“Epic! So, who helped them do this? Who told them how to do it? Who helped them with translation?”
“Um… no one really. They just wanted to find a way to reach out to their friends in their community, so they thought they would make a book because they couldn’t find any other resources that were suitable.”
“Um… that is amazing. How are they going to pay for it?”
“They are saving up money from the cafĂ© we run out of the Youth Centre.”

That was a couple of months ago. This week I have my hands on a copy of the book. Well, two copies actually. One has a cover that is attractive to young people in their surf community. The other, with a cover designed for oldies (like us!). To say we are excited would be a gross understatement.

Why are we so excited?

I think one of the big reasons is that we have a massive focus here on trying to empower Christian leaders. Our dream is to see discipleship communities form in surfing communities and reproduce throughout the country with little or no dependence or involvement on outsiders. We believe this can only happen if local believers are empowered.

I suppose seeing a group of new believers here taking this sort of initiative is a sign that our local brothers and sisters in leadership are passing on this culture of empowerment. This is rare in this culture. 

Would you pause for a minute now and thank God for these new followers? Then ask him to continue to use them to catalyse a movement of empowered Jesus-followers who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

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