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Drawing People to Jesus

When I first saw her, I had planned to sit and have my coffee at the cafe, enjoying some time out from the incredibly busy Indian scene around me.  But this was not to be.  The young Indian girl was playing at the other side of the short cafe wall, trying with all her might to get my attention, and, as much as I tried to ignore her and have ‘me time’, my heart soon melted and I turned to greet her.

Inviting her to my table, I bought her a chocolate donut. She gingerly sat and ate the donut, savouring every tiny morsel. As a young girl who spent her days and nights begging, this indeed was a treat – both the kindness of an adult and the delicacy of a donut.

Taking out my notepad and pen, I began to shape and shade some simple animal sketches as she watched. She was captivated and when I passed her paper and pen, she began to copy what I had drawn. When I told her (through sign language and limited Hindi) that she could keep the drawings, she smiled with delight.

In the days to come, I would sit at the same place, outside the cafe, watching for Kavita and her friends, inviting them to join my wife and me for donuts, milk shakes and picture drawing. Often Kavita would give the food I offered her to her friends.  How she humbled me!  She had so little, yet what she did have she wanted to give away to others.

During one visit home to Australia for Home Assignment, my wife and I shared Kavita’s story with many of our friends. One friend was so moved that she bought clothes for us to take back to Kavita. On our return to India, we soon found her – actually, she found us! – and we arranged to meet the next day at our favourite cafĂ© spot. 

I’ll never forget the look on Kavita’s face as we handed over the gift of clothes lovingly given by our friend back home.  Delight mixed with bewilderment left her speechless.  We could see what she was thinking by the priceless expression on her face:  “What beautiful clothes! Why would anyone want to give these to me? And so many of them! I can’t believe it! They can’t be for me!”  And in true Kavita style, she turned to pass on some of her gifts to one of her friends who had joined us at the table. 
Who would have imagined how a simple act of kindness, a drawing shared with others, would lead to such a moment as this?

There were other times, too…other people, other places, where God used a sketchpad to draw people to Himself.  Drawing led to friendship, which led to conversations about Jesus.  Amazing… how my simple drawings drew people to Jesus as my national team mates shared truth with those who watched and listened.

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