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A Fragile Beginning In a Fragile Nation

What has God planned for this little life?

Every birth at His House of Hope is special. But there are some births in which we sense the hand of God in unique ways.

A 15-year-old girl delivered her first baby pre-term at 29 weeks, with a birth weight of 1120 grams. A complex social situation made this baby boy at serious risk of neglect. From the moment he arrived in the labour ward, however, he was loved and valued, for Jesus' sake, by staff and missionaries alike.

A fragile beginning


He became one of the favourites on ward rounds and staff meetings, and was nicknamed with appropriate affection! This love was a powerful and tangible demonstration of the gospel: God's love for the broken, the outcast, the forgotten – and it had a profound impact on the mother and the extended family. 

He faced so many of the challenges of prematurity, with temperature instability, feeding difficulties, a lowest weight of 850 grams, fever, even congenital malaria. But after a 55 day admission, he was discharged – breastfeeding, healthy and weighing 1780 grams. More importantly, he went home loved and valued and wanted!

It caused us to reflect on the ‘unique births’ in the Scriptures and the unique lives of impact and blessing that followed them. Isaac, Moses, Samuel, John the Baptist, Jesus. Where would our salvation be without the special providence of God at work in the lives of these baby boys and their mothers?

What has God planned for this little boy’s life? His House of Hope has been his birth place and his fragile beginning has been carefully protected by Him. Already there has been blessing and joy arising from struggle. What great works has God got planned for his life? We wait in expectation and pray that he would be part of a new generation, who will grow to shape the future of this new and fragile nation!

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