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A Miracle Working God

His amazing plan for an abandoned child

As two Christian workers, K and M, sat waiting in the neo-natal ward of a local hospital, a member of the hospital staff brought in a small bundle and placed it on a table in the room. A group of doctors and nurses gathered around discussing the contents with some disdain. Curious about its contents, K and M moved closer to eavesdrop on the discussion. They heard scoffing at the paltry amount of money which fell from the package as it was unwrapped.

Lucky-Baby2.jpgAs the ‘foreigners’ approached, the group were told to be quiet and the note was hastily pushed inside the folds of the blanket which K and M now noticed also wrapped a very tiny baby.

A doctor told K and M that the baby had been born prematurely (at about 34 weeks) and appeared to have a malformed intestine and, subsequently, could not feed. She confided that this tiny baby would be admitted to the hospital but as there was no money to pay for her care, she would not receive any treatment. She would be given any available ‘left over’ formula, drugs and even blood products from other children in the ward. When asked if the nearby orphanage would take responsibility for the baby, it became clear they would not accept her because she was not delivered to them and she was ‘sick’. Orphanage policy allows them to reject sick children.

It was impossible for K and M to leave this baby in this situation, so, in a step of faith, they jumped on the merry-go-round to try to help this child.

The rest is history!  In the months that have passed since the baby arrived on the scene, she has had two major surgeries to repair her intestine and three cranial surgeries which were necessary to insert a shunt to drain the fluid which developed around her brain, Lucky-Baby3.jpgprobably as a result of the severe infection that she developed while being treated for her intestinal issues. The child has hovered at death’s door many times, and only God's grace has prevailed in sustaining her life. She is truly a miracle.

She is now out of hospital, and is bright, alert and doing extremely well. She is a beautiful example of God's creation. The neurosurgeons warn us that the next six months are crucial in the fight against the fungal infections that could still recur. Please continue to pray for her!

The name we gave her means Fortunate One. Usually children who arrive at the hospital are designated ‘abandoned baby’ on their name tag. However, the sympathetic local doctor suggested she be given a local name which means ‘Fortunate One’ as she was lucky that K and M were at the hospital when she arrived. We, of course, know that God's plan does not involve fortune or luck, but His grace and loving care of this gorgeous child.

Are there ways you could position yourself to be a channel of blessing to desperate people somewhere in the world? Being in ‘the right place at the right time’ might mean taking steps to live and serve cross-culturally among unreached peoples. 

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