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Field stories


Games and Posters and the Gospel
In the heart of South America there is a deep need for God’s truth, and not just because generations of Bolivians have suffered under a mix of fear-based superstitions and syncretistic traditions. It’s also because kids just need to know Jesus.
Parties, sharing God, dinners...
Just some of the activities undertaken for ministry among university students in Thailand. Read on to hear one family's story.
Taking Every Opportunity
Read about one family who takes every opportunity to share their faith
Sharon in Uganda
Changing lives in Arua, one student at a time. Teaching the basics to those who might never have the chance.
Christine in Senegal
In a little school in the middle of nowhere, brew a concoction of students that could change the world.
Portugal Bible School
An opportunity to teach and serve is open at the Portugal Bible Institute.

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