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Field stories


Nepal: the recovery
Our members have been blown away by your generous donations to the earthquake relief work, which has enabled them to do more than they could have imagined.
I want to learn about Jesus
Occasionally we hear about a chain of events so surprising, so completely unexpected that we instantly know it HAS to be God at work.
The surprising 180˚ turn
We did not fully understand the level of resistance as a community to us here until now. Now, however, it seems to us like the entire village has finally come to a communal decision that we are OK and that our message is worth listening to.
Making Jewellery, Making Disciples
Paballo lost his mother to mental illness when he was 11, and he had to drop out of school at age 15 after his father passed away - but that’s not the end of this young man’s story. Far from it.
She Kept Her Second Baby – A Girl
A beautiful little girl walked through the office and when she looked at me she gave me a big smile. Three years ago, when her mother found out she was pregnant with her, she was badgered by everyone in her family that she should abort this baby.
"It's a LUXURY auto!"
P and L live in a South American country where L spends her week at an outreach that cares for the children of prostitutes. Here is a glimpse into everyday life at the project.
Many Shoes
The sweet sound of laughter coming from my lounge warmed my heart. Our neighbours had come over for a Christmas party. Read on to find out about ministry in this difficult place.
Taking Every Opportunity
Read about one family who takes every opportunity to share their faith
Drawing People to Jesus
A cross-cultural worker uses his gifts of sketching to draw others to Jesus.
Empowering, disciple making, reproducing
It’s exciting to see local people empowered and taking initiatives in sharing the gospel to their friends. One team has been working within a surfing community and here’s a snapshot of their story.
Aree's Story
Our heart aches for the Isan regio of the world. Tucked away in the north east of Thailand, it is an area where only two people out of a thousand know Jesus.
God at Work in a Closed Nation
In a nation that has been closed for years, a change is coming. In a recent music festival, God has worked powerfully to reveal Himself to thousands.

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