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Field stories

Sub-Saharan Africa

Making Jewellery, Making Disciples
Paballo lost his mother to mental illness when he was 11, and he had to drop out of school at age 15 after his father passed away - but that’s not the end of this young man’s story. Far from it.
A Fragile Beginning In a Fragile Nation
Every birth at His House of Hope is special. But there are some births in which we sense the hand of God in unique ways.
Renouncing Pacts with Demons
As we talked with the witchdoctor, he explained that he could do nothing else but renounce the pacts that he had made with demons and follow Christ.
Sharon in Uganda
Changing lives in Arua, one student at a time. Teaching the basics to those who might never have the chance.
Christine in Senegal
In a little school in the middle of nowhere, brew a concoction of students that could change the world.

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