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Field stories


Dining with the King
In 21st century Romania, where Christianity is deemed ancient history, a missionary couple invite local youth to a royal banquet where they will be introduced to the King of Kings.
Giving Peace A Sporting Chance
In the harsh setting of a vast refugee camp, churches are working together to provide South Sudanese youth with a way to reconcile with each other, and discover a new joy for life through sports.
The Tale of the Wealthy Frenchman
Fabien* is living the dream on the southern coast of France with a successful career and a loving wife. What more could he ask for? But there is something missing that Fabien can’t quite put his finger on.
Reproduction Beyond Belief
It’s exciting when a church plants a new church. That’s an addition of a church. But what if churches were started that were immediately able to start other churches that could start more churches? Church planting by multiplication. What would that look like?
School of Change
Teaching Teachers to Transform a Nation
God Answers Prayer
A group of young new believers, led by one of our Pioneers missionaries, take off on a Christmas outreach and are amazed at the ways God answers their prayers.
A La Miracles
If I said the words “Madonna and Lourdes” you might start thinking about the controversial singer and her daughter. But did you know that Lourdes is a town in France that is captivated by worship of The Madonna, the mother of Jesus?
Pass it on
When new believers invite their neighbours around to hear stories from the bible, the local mean guy shows up. Read how God writes a new story, even as they are telling the bible story.
The Ends of the Earth
One remarkable Aussie family is serving God below zero
Precious Possession
“While reading the Bible online, I found it was written in a totally different way than the Qur’an,” Rahman says.
Hope for the Hopeless
A weak, elderly grandmother in a Thai village has lost all hope. But when a Pioneers team start to visit her, they bring with them the presence of God and words of life, with surprising effect.
Sweet Dreams
When Pioneers worker, Saahir, begs for God to reach his sister. In a country where this could spell disaster, God moves.
Clear the Rocks & Stoke the Fire
The vision to reach the 22 million unreached of Isaan, Thailand burns brightly. With one team launched and others preparing to do so, this video shares how God has raised up laborers and is calling for others to come to the harvest.
Every Minute Counts... Every Place Matters
Our Australian Director talks about the changing landscape of missions, and how Australia is now not only sending missionaries out, but also receiving Pioneers missionaries to reach the unreached in this nation.
A Little Birdie
When a man in his late twenties imagines himself as a pro-golfer he wonders whether it is a vision from God, even though he has never played a single game of golf.
Middle Ground
Through the ages Central Asia has been a crossroads. People have moved through it from one place to another and it’s often been overlooked, a place of dry hard ground. But there is good soil here in the hearts of people ready to hear the Good News.
In 1999 a dispute between two people of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds spiraled into violent conflict between Christians and Muslims in Ambon, Indonesia. Hear from those who experienced the conflict first hand and pray for restoration.
Joy & Prejudice
Where prejudice is a way of life, living with a disability can be difficult and isolating but the Lord overcomes.
Wheels Up
From fear and doubt to seeing first hand that God can do anything, journey through the back-story of one of our workers to how a move of God began – and pray with us for continued fruit.
Teaching as Mission
One of the greatest challenges for missionary families is educating their children, and ensuring that they are thriving in the country and culture where they serve. Pioneers Australia have many teachers using their passion, training and experience to serve the Lord overseas. Here is what some of those teachers have to say about teaching as mission.
Bui's story
Raised in a oppressive Buddhist home, Bui never experienced the love of a family until she moved away to attend university. Through a series of divine appointments she not only found new friends in two Pioneers, but she found a new family and sweet redemption.
Mighty to save
Rejoice with D, because God is mighty to save! After more than three years of living and serving in Southeast Asia, in the past few weeks he's seen seven local people turn away from idols and towards the Living God!
Dreams and visions
Sometimes you have a bad day. And some days it seems like everything in your life is falling apart. That’s what happened to Dave*, a 35-year-old Pioneers worker. He found himself fighting for his life on a stiff hospital bed, wondering how and why God would allow him to arrive at such a difficult place.
My bad life
A few years ago, Carlos, who is from a remote mountain village in Mexico of an unreached people group called the Tarahumara, fractured his leg seriously. After taking Carlos to town for surgery in the hospital, a missionary doctor cared for him in his own home until he recovered.
First contact
Can you imagine being the very first person to introduce a tribe to Jesus?
Meeting Jesus in a dream
When Hamid left home for a job in the Arabian Peninsula, he received a dream and a challenge that changed the course of his life.
The skaters hungry for God's Word
God is truly doing amazing work here and I feel like I’m at a tipping point with a core bunch of skaters I’ve been hanging out with daily!
No strings attached
What coconuts in a tiny Pacific nation have to do with God's free gift.
Nepal: the recovery
Our members have been blown away by your generous donations to the earthquake relief work, which has enabled them to do more than they could have imagined.
Fleeing violence in their home country, Roh people have scattered throughout Southeast Asia. Hear Auntie's story and how she came to know peace.
I want to learn about Jesus
Occasionally we hear about a chain of events so surprising, so completely unexpected that we instantly know it HAS to be God at work.
Isaan—the next chapter
God is up to something big! Remarkable growth is taking place in the Isaan Hub and the harvest is plentiful.
The surprising 180˚ turn
We did not fully understand the level of resistance as a community to us here until now. Now, however, it seems to us like the entire village has finally come to a communal decision that we are OK and that our message is worth listening to.
A home beyond their wildest dreams
Excitement grew daily as every child anticipated the move into the beautiful new building. Not a day passed without a small group of kids and their carers heading out to inspect the new homes and see how much progress had been made. Each day one of the team would be pulled aside and asked, “When are we going to move? Is it today? Tomorrow?”
A light has dawned
Imagine getting baptised in the middle of a Siberian winter when it is minus 30˚C! In Isaiah 9:1 the Scripture says ‘a people walking in darkness have seen a great light.’ That darkness is of course spiritual for many, but also physical for Artur. He has seen the great light of Jesus!
Making Jewellery, Making Disciples
Paballo lost his mother to mental illness when he was 11, and he had to drop out of school at age 15 after his father passed away - but that’s not the end of this young man’s story. Far from it.
Games and Posters and the Gospel
In the heart of South America there is a deep need for God’s truth, and not just because generations of Bolivians have suffered under a mix of fear-based superstitions and syncretistic traditions. It’s also because kids just need to know Jesus.
A Fragile Beginning In a Fragile Nation
Every birth at His House of Hope is special. But there are some births in which we sense the hand of God in unique ways.
Renouncing Pacts with Demons
As we talked with the witchdoctor, he explained that he could do nothing else but renounce the pacts that he had made with demons and follow Christ.
She Kept Her Second Baby – A Girl
A beautiful little girl walked through the office and when she looked at me she gave me a big smile. Three years ago, when her mother found out she was pregnant with her, she was badgered by everyone in her family that she should abort this baby.
No Holds Barred
She’s in her early 20s and has the sweetest smile and laugh. She’s kind to others, does what she can to help out. And she’s in prison, serving a 20-year-sentence.
"It's a LUXURY auto!"
P and L live in a South American country where L spends her week at an outreach that cares for the children of prostitutes. Here is a glimpse into everyday life at the project.
Parties, sharing God, dinners...
Just some of the activities undertaken for ministry among university students in Thailand. Read on to hear one family's story.
Many Shoes
The sweet sound of laughter coming from my lounge warmed my heart. Our neighbours had come over for a Christmas party. Read on to find out about ministry in this difficult place.
Taking Every Opportunity
Read about one family who takes every opportunity to share their faith
Drawing People to Jesus
A cross-cultural worker uses his gifts of sketching to draw others to Jesus.
Never the Same
The Sawi were headhunters and cannibals when a young couple named Don and Carol Richardson arrived in their village carrying their seven-month-old boy
M&F in South East Asia
Out of 46 unreached people groups in our area, 22 have no one to share Jesus’ love with them. These numbers motivate us to work as the area leaders for East Islands of SE Asia, supporting and helping current teams who are seeking to serve unreached peoples and also actively seeking new workers.
James in Thailand
Isaan is the northeastern region of Thailand with a population of approximately 22 million people. Can you imagine the population of Australia living in a land the size of Victoria? That’s Isaan.
Sharon in Uganda
Changing lives in Arua, one student at a time. Teaching the basics to those who might never have the chance.
Christine in Senegal
In a little school in the middle of nowhere, brew a concoction of students that could change the world.
Portugal Bible School
An opportunity to teach and serve is open at the Portugal Bible Institute.
Empowering, disciple making, reproducing
It’s exciting to see local people empowered and taking initiatives in sharing the gospel to their friends. One team has been working within a surfing community and here’s a snapshot of their story.
A Miracle Working God
This baby was close to death and abandoned. The situation looked hopeless, but God had other plans. Read about God’s grace and love of this gorgeous child.
Ava's Story
It all began with a phone call. Ava*, a long-term worker in the Middle East, received a call one sunny afternoon in September informing her that a Syrian refugee family needed somewhere to stay.
Aree's Story
Our heart aches for the Isan regio of the world. Tucked away in the north east of Thailand, it is an area where only two people out of a thousand know Jesus.
God at Work in a Closed Nation
In a nation that has been closed for years, a change is coming. In a recent music festival, God has worked powerfully to reveal Himself to thousands.

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