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Mission Internship

with Pioneers through MST

Mission Internship

One of the greatest needs for those heading into long-term cross-cultural mission life and service is not just to have a collection of classroom information, but to gain grounded ministry experience. Being able to reflectively integrate what you have learnt through your study with every day encounters will set you up for life.

An exciting opportunity for mission formation has arisen through a partnership with MST (Melbourne School of Theology). MST has been offering accredited internships with churches for some time now, but in the past year they have expanded their internships to include partnerships with several mission agencies. That now includes Pioneers of Australia!
We at Pioneers are eager to sculpt the practical element of this internship around the individual, depending on their gift-mix and passions. In a supervised relationship, a student can have the chance to grow and develop with intentional input from a mission leader.
This internship is accredited through MST, and subsequently through the ACT. It is for three kinds of people:
  • A present MST student who may want to gain practical mission experience through Pioneers.
  • A present student studying through the ACT, who would choose to do this one subject through MST.
  • Someone who has been considering study and this could be a springboard to enter into a degree through MST.
There are a range of components included in the internship – fortnightly coaching by a given supervisor, the mission/ministry experience itself, reading, writing a theological reflection paper, and keeping a journal about the mission formation and ministry experience. This would be for one day a week for a full semester (or intense equivalents), or a half day for a full year.

Want to know more? Click HERE to find out about the Internship Practicum. We would love to journey with you through this part of your mission formation. Contact us if you are interested.

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