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8 ways you can be an answer to prayer

while missionaries are on home assignment

8 easy, practical ways you can be a missionary's answer to prayer while they are on home assignment.

8 easy, practical ways you can be a missionary's answer to prayer while they are on home assignment:

1 Think ahead

Put together a box of basics for when they first arrive—non-perishable items for the pantry, toilet paper and dishwashing detergent, public transport cards/tickets, plastic plates and cutlery, towels and sets of bed sheets for the first few nights.
2 Lend them a car

Or if they’re staying a bit longer, do some research to find them a car for sale at a good price. The same goes for somewhere to stay, if that hasn't been organised already.
3 Connect with them

Ask if they need help with unpacking or shopping, invite them out for coffee, ask their kids to join Sunday school, visit them at home.
4 Plan for church

Get in touch with your missionary to ask what they would like to do at church: share/be interviewed during a service, preach, share after church or during the week, organise a special event, speak at small groups and youth groups/Sunday school, etc.
5 Advertise at church

Make sure your church family knows well ahead of time that your missionaries will be coming to visit. See if someone can show a video or put together a slide presentation to show at church the week before their visit.
6 Pray for them

Pray that your missionaries would:
>> Know God's grace as they transition from one culture to another
>> Have opportunities to share about their ministry
>> Enjoy special time with families and friends
>> Be refreshed (spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally)

Home assignment support
Home assignment support

Home assignment support

7 Treat them

Offer them use of a holiday house, shout them to dinner at a local restaurant, take them on an outing somewhere (the movies, a concert, bowling, putt putt golf, bushwalking, the beach).
8 Ask them

This list isn’t exhaustive. Some things may apply to your missionary, others may not. Just ask them how you can best support them during their time back here!

Do you have any other ideas for supporting missionaries while they're on home assignment? Leave a comment and let us know.

- RK

PS More practical posts for supporters and sending churches here.

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