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What tourists have to do with mission

The day I realised that there really ARE a thousand ways to make God's love known.

Am I the only person in the world who will admit to a slight obsessive-compulsive tendency with my kitchen pantry? Not only do I insist on using matching Tupperware storage containers, I also have a not-so-small addiction to my labelling machine. Everything in our food cupboard is clearly organised and labeled. There’s something about compartmentalising that brings me immense joy.
So the concept of providing tourists with a prayer guide had never entered my neatly compartmentalised brain. It will probably come as no surprise to you that in my mind, a person could only really have one agenda when travelling: they are either traveling for pleasure, or they are traveling to make Christ known.
And then one Monday morning I was checking emails when one of our workers blew my untested theory completely out of the water. There in my inbox sat a message from one of our members in Bali. This is what he wrote:
“So, in Bali last year, I was running on the beach and I was telling God how few workers there are in Bali, and I was praying for more workers to come. And I felt that God tell/remind me that there is a large mission force in the form of Christian tourists who come to Bali for holidays each year – they just don’t know how they can be involved. These Christian tourists can be mobilised to pray for Bali…”
He went on to remind me that before there can be a church planting movement, there must be a prayer movement. In his words, “abundant prayer is the one key feature of a church planting movement.”
Talk about challenged, encouraged and inspired. Here is someone who isn’t content to live with neat and tidy compartmentalisation. Here is someone who, seeing the great need and incredible opportunities, has sought the Lord’s will – and been faithful in that.
Our worker has spent the past few months putting together a seven-day prayer booklet, primarily intended for people traveling to Bali. It can be used for anyone with a desire to pray for the island.

You can grab your own copy here. And if you're interested - we regularly update our website with up-to-date prayer points from our members.

- RK

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