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The Good Fight: Triumphant Power

When we invite God's light into dark places, miracles happen

One of our workers has experienced the Lord doing some amazing things this past month. She has seen for herself that the God we serve today is the same God that we read about in the bible.
Taking the gospel to other cultures can often involve direct confrontation with dark spiritual forces.  Yet it is in these cultures that our workers often see God display His far-greater power in incredible ways.
For Karen*, an Australian Pioneers worker based in South East Asia, it started with a sense of dark oppression that was draining her of energy.  She asked her teammates to pray for her, and that lead them into a week of prayer and fasting together. The team works with teenage students, and during that week many of the students were keen to join the team’s times of prayer and worship.  Each day Karen and her teammates brought different groups of students up to the prayer house.
God began to touch the students’ hearts, bringing them to deep personal repentance and forgiveness, as well as repentance and forgiveness for the sins of their people.  There was deliverance, new songs of worship, and a release of spiritual gifts among the students. Karen says “It was like we were in a full blown spiritual battle all week and many of the stories of the bible were coming alive”.


At the end of the week, a team mate who is from the local people, was preaching in the afternoon service at church. He had dreamt for the previous two nights that a blind person would be healed at the service.  Karen and some of the students stayed after the service to pray for people and saw God heal a woman from crippling back pain as they prayed for her.  This really built up Karen’s faith in God’s healing power. As she got into the car to drive home, a blind beggar knocked on the car window asking for money. Because she had just seen the Lord heal the woman’s back, Karen had faith to ask the blind man if he wanted to receive prayer so that he could see. Karen and her team mates brought the man, who was of another faith, into the church building and asked him if he wanted to be healed in the name of Jesus. He immediately said “yes, yes, yes”.
They asked him how long he had been blind and he said for over 20 years.  He had been injured in a welding accident. Karen and her team mate laid hands on him and said “Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ”.  The man suddenly opened his eyes, and started running around the front of the church car park looking at everything.  He did not recognize his 12 year old son, but once they explained “this is your son”, the man grabbed his son’s face, and cried with joy. The team could hardly believe what they had just seen Jesus do. Karen says “We were so full of joy, and in absolute awe of God.”
Would you like to experience the power of God in your life?  Note the important steps in Karen’s story: prayer, fasting, repentance and forgiveness.

*Name changed for privacy

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