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A missionary's most valuable supporter

(the simple way to become one)

Maybe, instead assuming that we’re too far away to be of real support to our missionaries—maybe we can ask them a simple question.

I was challenged last week by a thought-provoking post about responding to others’ struggles with a particular question.
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
The author explains how those few simple words—phrased as a question—turned out to be the answer she was looking for at a time when she felt most burdened.
“There was something about that question that kept defensiveness, excuses, and the need to explain out of the conversation. How can I help? It was much less intrusive than, “What’s wrong?” It was much more supportive than, “What’s your problem?” With one single question, she acknowledged my struggle and offered to lighten my load. All this—and I never had to say a word. It was the kind of help I most needed in that moment.”
Maybe, instead assuming that we’re too far away to be of real support to our missionaries—maybe we can simply ask the question.
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
I could include a Skype date with you in my weekly schedule.

I could chat with our Sunday School teachers about sending a collection of hand-written notes from our church kids to your Missionary Kids in the mail.

I could ask around and gather some resources for you.

I could go shopping for something that you’d love from Australia, and post it over to you.

I could record the sermon at church each week and email you the audio file.

I could pray for you.

I could read the same book of the Bible as you are right now, and we could send each other our notes each week.

I could help you raise the extra funds you need.

How can I help?
Ask the question of the missionaries you support. Suggest a specific way you could help. Your offer may not be accepted, but you can know it will be greatly appreciated. You’re showing them that you remember them. You’re showing them that you care. You’re showing them that you want to partner with them in this thing called mission. And in asking, you are partnering with them, in the most loving, practical and valuable way.
- RK

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