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Willing and ABEL

There’s a new kid on the block, and he’s just what every office needs.

Our new receptionist, Abel, brings youth and energy into our office every morning. Don’t be distracted by his developing dreadlocks, Abel is passionate for God and for missions. We asked him a few questions so that you can get to know him…

What were you doing this time last year?  
I was a school student last year, doing home school in Fiji. My Mum was my teacher, and I drove her up the wall. I was also a skateboard teacher on the side. Every Sunday afternoon, I’d go out and teach kids how to skate. In Fiji skateboarding isn’t normal, so it was easy to draw a crowd. I’d start riding around, and then kids started watching, and I was like “come skate with me”.

Why were you living in Fiji?
My parents are missionaries there. Both my parents work in the prisons with a ministry called Operation Foundation* and they work with prisoners. My Mum helps give them life skills they can use outside of prison, and my Dad runs classes for Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Atheists; all sorts of people, helping them to learn about Christ. Which is really cool.

What did you love about growing up in Fiji?
Everything is very relaxed and on “island time”. After school, I would hang out with my friends. Go to the beach on the weekend, go to all the resorts and stuff like that.

Now you’ve been living in Australia for about 3 months, how are you finding Melbourne?
It’s very exciting, with the whole culture of coffee, and all the baristas and hipsters, which I really like. Being a bit of a hipster myself! I really like Melbourne with all its seasons of the year, because you don’t really get those in Fiji. And there’s always something going on in Melbourne.

Anything you don’t like?
Everyone’s very rushed. There’s a lot of fast paced moving people going past. I prefer to cruise.


What would be your perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
I would want to spend it with a friend. I get all my energy, and I feel most comfortable, when I’m with people. So yeah, I’d spend it with some friends doing whatever.

Is there anything you are looking forward to in the coming year?
I’m pretty lay back with all of that, so I’m pretty cool to just see what happens. I’m keen to branch out and meet even more people. I’ll probably want to do a bit of travel next year in my holidays, I might go to America and see one of my best friends.

How are you finding your job here at Pioneers?
It’s a very big stretch, so different to home schooling. I’m learning so much every single day.  Meeting lots and lots of new people, with missionaries coming in every Tuesday, that’s the coolest part. And everyone in the office is an amazing person.  

Is there anything about the job that was unexpected?
Moving from Fiji, I thought I’d get rid of my parents. Not in a bad way, I love my parents, but I thought I’d get some more independence, but nope! I got 20 different Mums and 20 different Dads looking after me now. I thought I was getting away from it all. God’s always got other plans!

Next time you phone our national office, you can say hi to the skater hipster guy at the desk.  If you call in, he might even make you a coffee.

*To check out Abel’s parents ministry Operation Foundation, click here

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