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Insights into Mission

We've collected a variety of articles which we hope will help you learn more about missions and what the Bible has to say on the subject.

A variety of people from around the world have contributed these articles and some have been published in our print magazine, Xpress.

Below are some of our articles, but make sure you check out our archives for more.

Change... What We Must & Must Not Do
Change is a necessary part of life, but it's essential to discern what changes are okay, and what things musn't change. Dr Gill takes provides us some insight into this important topic."
Church Planting Movements
One of our Core Values is Church Planting Movements, but sometimes it's trial and error to find the right method for the specific situation. Here is a story about how some workers are using the 'Discovery Bible Study' approach to Church Planting."
An Ethos of Grace... in Europe and the Americas
An ethos of grace means acceptance despite difference. It encourages trust within team. It provides freedom to take risks; permission to go out on a limb; encouragement in the face of probable rejection. Grace allows us to get up when we fall and have another go when we fail."
Servant Leadership
I think that often when we tell the Lord we are willing to follow wherever He leads, He guides our steps onto paths that are outside our comfort zones. Our human tendency is to desire to be the light powered by the generator’s electricity. However, someone needs to be the oil that keeps the generator running smoothly. This, for me, has been one of the biggest challenges contrary to my expectations as a new and naive missionary twelve years ago."
Core Values Matter
One degree can make all the difference. A close compass reading may seem adequate at first, but along the way you may discover that you missed your destination. And all because of a "minor" detail!

Mission agencies have many similarities, yet each has it's own organizational culture and priorities. This is not to say one organization is better than another. Each has a place in God's plan. However, it does mean that a careful look at the beginning of your journey is important.

Cultural Diversity
How should cultural diversity be understood and evaluated in the Biblical perspective?
Department of Physics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa, Pioneers International Conference 4, November 1999 Pattaya, Thailand.
The behaviour of a person from another group can sometimes be totally incomprehensible. Very often the basic reason is that his/her culture is radically different from one's own. Thus in any missionary movement the differences between cultures can result in communication breakdown or even clashes."

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